About Separation Anxiety

What is Separation Anxiety?

It's the fear of being alone

The Dog has a panic attack

The problem arises as soon as the owner out the door.

The Dog can no longer think and has out of control / he can have the panic attack don't stop anymore.

The panic attack will not stop until the owner returns

Your Dog's panic is similar to?

Imagine : You are afraid of spiders and you are locked in a small room with a lot of spiders.

How would you feel?

Adrenaline is released into your body, sweating, palpitations, shivering, etc.

You want it to end.

How do you deal with this?

Scream, shout?

Kick the door?

Or scared and stiff?

Our dog is doing the same

Characteristics of separation anxiety

Before you leave:

Anxiety / hyperactivity

Nervous or aggressive behavior before you leave

Stress signals such as panting, shaking, shaking, whale eyes,

a lot of yawning etc.

Do not eat / drink

In the absence:

Bark, howl,

Urinating / defecating at home

Excessive licking, biting in paws/tail, sucking blankets

or even mutilation

Damaging  furniture, breaking doorposts, etc.

The difference between Separation Anxiety and other problems:

PANIC is the best indication!

It is Not:

  • They saw a cat walking
  • They urinate because they are not (properly) let out
  • The postman / the bell

The difference between these dogs and dogs with SA is that these dogs do NOT have PANIC

It is:

Dogs that have real separation anxiety continue to bark and howl.

They do not stop until the owner returns.

When a dog panics, he can no longer think.

He can no longer stop what he is doing and this can sometimes only get worse

What you should never do!

  • Punish your Dog if he destroyed something when you come home
  • Get another dog
  • An anti bark collar / anti bark spray against barking
  • Put in a crate
  • Make your dog physically tired before leaving
  • Secretly left the house
  • Do not put water down to avoid “pee”
  • Ignore your Dog when you return home
  • Let your Dog bark, howl, etc. until it “passes”

Help your dog and get your life back! 

You love your dog and want the best for them, but your life is like a big lockdown at this moment. .

You have probably tried everything and this can make you feel disappointed that nothing is working.  You feel frustrated that you cannot just go quickly to the shop to buy some bread or meet up with your friends. It upsets you that your dog is not happy alone.

I understand how you feel, but it does not have to be this way.

You deserve to have freedom and a dog who is happy home alone. We can help you and your dog to get your freedom back!

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