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 I’m Birgitta Geerlings-Wensveen and live together with my husband Marcel and our 4 rescue dogs we live in South Lappland in Sweden.

 Dogs have always played an important role in my life. I think the unconditional love of dogs towards people is incredibly beautiful and that is why dogs deserve that we understand them well and that dogs therefore have a beautiful dog-worthy life.

We have four rescue dogs. Bella adopted from Romania, Eppie from Bulgaria and Dazzler and Bob two Border Collies from the Netherlands and Belgium. My dogs are my best teachers. I still learn from them every day and I am very grateful to them for this.

I have been certified since November 2017 as a Natural Dog Trainer & Behavioral Expert Level 5 (NDTE) and I followed this training at Calming Signs in Koningslust. Since then I have been working according to the principles and code of ethics of the famous Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas. Since  December 2021 I'm a certified Separation Anxiety trainer, I followed this training via Julie Naismith.

 In 2017 I introduced The Snuffle Garden Project in the Netherlands. Sniffing is very important for dogs! We as humans often forget this or simply do not know this. Dogs are calmed by this and you prevent many behavioral problems. You can read all about this at www.snuffeltuinen.jimdo.com. Or contact us directly if you want to know more about this.

Every year I attend courses, online training courses, I go to and follow seminars and read many books to stay up to date on the latest and latest insights in dog welfare and dog behavior.

Since 15 years I do voluntary work for dogs (ngo's) and especially for dogs in or from abroad. You can find more details about this on my CV. Since 2018 I have been a volunteer at the Association of "Amor para Perros / Liefde voor honden" as a behavioral expert for people who have questions about or problems with their adopted dog. Because of this I have been able to help many dogs and their owners. 

For more than 10 years I have been a volunteer / project employee of the World Asylum Foundation "Animalhelp" of Mary Brown in Pando, Uruguay. For more information click here

In addition to my experience and passion for dogs, I have a great empathy for the dog but also that of the adopter. I try to tell people about their dog in a positive way, how they can better help and guide their dog. I always explain this in a simple way.

I am a full member of the international professional association PDTE, a member of the Dogwellfare Alliance and ICAN.


Is your dog suffering from Separation Anxiety or do you need help with your Snuffle Garden? Or you want to join a workshop? Please contact me via info@friends4ever.dog 

Birgitta, Eppie, Bella, Dazzler and BobBirgitta, Eppie, Bella, Dazzler and Bob